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Seq. Document title Author(s) Source
1 Development of Kinetic and Process
Models for the Oxidative
Desulfurization of Light Fuel, Using
Experiments and the Parameter
Estimation Technique
Nawaf, A.T.
Jarullah, A.T.
Gheni, S.A.
Mujtaba, I.M.
Industrial and Engineering
Chemistry Research
2 Transesterification of a novel
feedstock, Cyprinus carpio fish oil:
Influence of co-solvent and
characterization of biodiesel
Fadhil, A.B. Al-
Tikrity, E.T.B.
Albadree, M.A.
3 Pt-decorated GaN nanowires with
significant improvement in H gassensing
performance at room
Abdullah, Q.N.
Yam, F.K.
Hassan, Z.
Bououdina, M.
Journal of Colloid and Interface
4 A phase-fitted and amplificationfitted
modified Runge-Kutta method
of fourth order for periodic initial
value problems
Fawzi, F.A. Senu,
N. Ismail, F.
Majid, Z.A.
ICREM7 2015 - Proceedings of
the 7th International Conference
on Research and Education in
Mathematics: Empowering
Mathematical Sciences through
Research and Education
5 An enhanced fast scanning
algorithm for image segmentation
Ismael, A.N.
Yusof, Y.B.
AIP Conference Proceedings
6 Facile synthesis and molecular
structure of the tris(amine) complex
Al-Jibori, S.A.
Hameed, W.J. Al-
Hayaly, L.J.
Basak-Modi, S.
Hogarth, G.
Inorganic Chemistry
7 Improvement of SCTP congestion
control in the LTE-A network
Najm, I.A.
Ismail, M. Lloret,
J. Zaidan,
B.B. Rahem,
Journal of Network and
Computer Applications
8 Performance prediction of sparkignition
engine running on
gasoline-hydrogen and methanehydrogen
Kamil, M.
Rahman, M.M.
Applied Energy
9 Increasing the thermopower of
Ismael, A.K.
Grace, I.
Lambert, C.J.
10 Zagreb polynomials of some
nanostar dendrimers
Husin, M.N.
Hasni, R. Arif,
Journal of Computational and
Theoretical Nanoscience
11 Mixed ligand palladium(II)
complexes of N-hydroxymethylsaccharin
(Sac-CH OH):
Synthesis, characterization and
biological studies
Al-Jibori, S.A. Al-
Janabi, A.S.
Basak-Modi, S.
Mohamed, S.S.
Schmidt, H.
Transition Metal Chemistry
12 Atom-bond connectivity and
geometric arithmetic indices of
POPAM and siloxane dendrimers
Husin, N.M.
Hasni, R. Arif,
Journal of Computational and
Theoretical Nanoscience
13 Seismic displacement of
geosynthetic-reinforced slopes
subject to cracks
Abd, A.H. IOP Conference Series: Earth
and Environmental Science
14 Earthquake-induced displacement of
cohesive-frictional slopes subject to
Abd, A.H. IOP Conference Series: Earth
and Environmental Science
15 Modified Dowex-50 W-promoted
synthesis of chalcones containing
hydroxyl and nitro groups
A.A.H. Khalaf,
A.I. Al-Janabi,
K.M.M. Jameel,
Karbala International Journal of
Modern Science
16 Formation of ortho-cyanoaminothiophenolate
ligands with
versatile binding modes via facile
carbon-sulfur bond cleavage of 2-
aminobenzothiazoles at mercury(II)
Al-Jibori, S.A.
Irzoqi, A.A. Al-
Saraj, E.G.H.
Schmidt, H.
Hogarth, G.
Dalton Transactions
17 Palladium(II) benzisothiazolinate
(bit) complexes with amino-,
acetylamino-, heterocyclic and
phosphine co-ligands. Crystal
structure of [Pd(bit) (κ -
Al-Jibori, S.A.
Ahmed, B.S.M.
Ahmed, S.A.
Wagner, C.
Hogarth, G.
Inorganica Chimica Acta
18 Highly Perm-Selective Micro-Porous
Hydrotalcite-Silica Membrane for
Improved Carbon Dioxide-Methane
Wiheeb, A.D.
Kim, J. Othman,
Separation Science and
Technology (Philadelphia)
19 Notes on meromorphic functions
sharing small function and its
Arab Journal of Mathematical
20 Experimental study on improving μ-
WEDM and μ-EDM of doped silicon
by temporary metallic coating
Saleh, T.
Rasheed, A.N.
Muthalif, A.G.A.
International Journal of
Advanced Manufacturing
21 Improvement of fuel quality by
oxidative desulfurization: Design of
synthetic catalyst for the process
Nawaf, A.T.
Gheni, S.A.
Jarullah, A.T.
Mujtaba, I.M.
Fuel Processing Technology
22 A peculiar variety of indirect inguinal
hernia (juxtacordal indirect inguinal
Alkhateeb, H.M.
Aljanabi, T.J.
Annals of Medicine and Surgery
23 Depositional environment of the
Lower Silurian Akkas hot shales
inthe Western Desert of Iraq: Results
from an organic geochemical study
Alkhafaji, M.W.
Aljubouri, Z.A.
Aldobouni, I.A.
Marine and Petroleum Geology
24 Utility of electrochemical sensors for
direct determination of
nicotinamide (B ): Comparative
studies using modified carbon
nanotubes and modified β-
cyclodextrin sensors
Abdoon, F.M.
Khaleel, A.I. El-
Tohamy, M.F.
Sensor Letters
25 The effects of fractality on hydrogen
permeability across meso-porous
Helwani, Z.
Wiheeb, A.D.
Shamsudin, I.K.
Kim, J. Othman,
Heat and Mass
Transfer/Waerme- und
26 Optimal design of a trickle bed
reactor for light fuel oxidative
desulfurization based on
experiments and modeling
Nawaf, A.T.
Gheni, S.A.
Jarullah, A.T.
Mujtaba, I.M.
Energy and Fuels
27 Sorption and desorption of sulfuryl
fluoride by wheat, flour and
Hwaidi, M.
Collins, P.J.
Sissons, M.
Pavic, H. Nayak,
Journal of Stored Products
28 Characterization of the chaoshyperchaos
transition based on
return times
Pavlov, A.N.
Pavlova, O.N.
Y.K. Kurths, J.
Physical Review E - Statistical,
Nonlinear, and Soft Matter
29 Catalytic production of CO free
hydrogen by methane
decomposition over activated
Ghani, S.A. Al
Saraj, M.A.A.
Razaq, G.H.A.
Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery,
Utilization and Environmental
30 On the natural convection heat
transfer in a rectangular passage
solar air heater
Al-Kayiem, H.H.
Yassen, T.A.
Solar Energy
31 Development anti-dairy fouling
surface of 316L 2B stainless steel by
atmospheric pressure plasma
Al-Ogaili, G.
Jimenez, M.
Bellayer, S.
Delaplace, G.
Traisnel, M.
ICOPS/BEAMS 2014 - 41st IEEE
International Conference on
Plasma Science and the 20th
International Conference on
High-Power Particle Beams
32 Impact of passive EDF location on
the performance of L-band
Brillouin-Erbium fiber laser
T.F. Al-Mansoori,
M.H. Jamaludin,
M.Z. Abass,
A.K. Alit, M.H.
Proceedings of ICP 2014 - 5th
International Conference on
Photonics 2014
33 Structural, dielectric and
magnetoelectric effect in
Kamil, M.A. Research Journal of Applied
34 Entire functions and their first
derivatives sharing simple β-points
for a small function β
Kodai Mathematical Journal
35 Twin pregnancy in an accessory
cavitated non-communicating
Alkhateeb, H.M.
Yaseen, E.M.
International Journal of Surgery
Case Reports
36 Wavelet-based prognosis for faulttolerant
control of induction motor
with stator and speed sensor faults
Gaied, K.S. Transactions of the Institute of
Measurement and Control
37 On a class of meromorphic
functions of Janowski type related
with a convolution operator
Juma, A.R.S.
Dhayea, H.I.
Australian Journal of
Mathematical Analysis and
38 Effect of adding different levels of
Lycopene to the ration on liver
enzymes and malondialdehyde
concentration of the layer hens ISABrown
Ali, N.A. Allaw,
Mohammed, A.B.
Scientific Journal of King Faisal
39 Changes in lipid oxidation of
reconstituted omega-3 plus milk
powder treated by superheated
Mahdy, G. Yang,
International Journal on
Advanced Science, Engineering
and Information Technology
40 Recycling of immobilized cells for
aerobic biodegradation of phenol in
a fluidized bed bioreactor
Ismail, Z.Z.
Khudhair, H.A.
WMSCI 2015 - 19th World
Multi-Conference on Systemics,
Cybernetics and Informatics,
41 Effect of tube spacing, fin density
and Reynolds number on overall
heat transfer rate for in-line
Tahseen, T.A.
Rahman, M.M.
Ishak, M.
International Journal of
Automotive and Mechanical
42 Effects of isentropic efficiencies on
the performance of combined cycle
power plants
Ibrahim, T.K.
Rahman, M.M.
International Journal of
Automotive and Mechanical
43 New features of nanostructured
ZnO prepared by simple technique
as UV photodetector
Hassan, N.K.
Dahash Ali, A.K.
Hashim, M.R.
Applied Engineering Sciences -
Proceedings of the AASRI
International Conference on
Applied Engineering Science,
ICAES 2014
44 Concentration measurements of
uranium, thorium and their
daughter products in water
produced from and near oil fields in
north of Iraq using SSNTRD’s
passive method
Ali, A.H.
Mheemeed, A.K.
Hassan, H.I.
Journal of Radioanalytical and
Nuclear Chemistry
45 Effect of mixing on the performance
of wet steam ejectors
Ariafar, K.
Buttsworth, D.
Al-Doori, G.
Malpress, R.
46 Synthesis, characterization and
biological evaluation of new
potentially active hydrazones of
naproxen hydrazide
Abbas, A.H.
Elias, A.N.
Fadhil, A.A.
Der Pharma Chemica
47 Embedded graphs whose links have
the largest possible number of
Huggett, S.
Tawfik, I.
Ars Mathematica
48 Huge biloma after endoscopic
cholangiopancreatography and
endoscopic biliary sphincterotomy
Alkhateeb, H.M.
Aljanabi, T.J. Al-
Azzawi, K.H.
Alkarboly, T.A.
International Journal of Surgery
Case Reports
49 Two-step Base Catalyzed
Transesterification of Chicken Fat:
Optimization of Parameters
Altikriti, E.T.
Fadhil, A.B.
Dheyab, M.M.
Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery,
Utilization and Environmental
50 Assessing the Feasibility of Optical
Probe in Phase Holdup
Measurements and Flow Regime
Gheni, S.A. Al-
Dahhan, M.H.
International Journal of Chemical
Reactor Engineering
51 Optimal operation of a pyrolysis
Jarullah, A.T.
Hameed, S.A.
Hameed, Z.A.
Mujtaba, I.M.
Computer Aided Chemical
52 Experimental study on heat transfer
and friction factor in laminar forced
convection over flat tube in channel
Tahseen, T.A.
Rahman, M.M.
Ishak, M.
Procedia Engineering
53 Impact of global climate change on
fish growth, digestion and
physiological status: Developing a
hypothesis for cause and effect
Mazumder, S.K.
De, M. Mazlan,
A.G. Rahim,
S.M. Simon,
Journal of Water and Climate
54 Phenolic profile, antioxidant, and
antibacterial effects of ethanol and
aqueous extracts of Rheum ribes L.
Abdulla, K.K.
Taha, E.M.
Rahim, S.M.
Der Pharmacia Lettre
55 Assessment of area energy efficiency
of LTE macro base stations in
different environments
Shahab, S.N.
Abdulkafi, A.A.
Zainun, A.R.
Journal of Telecommunications
and Information Technology
56 Atom-bond connectivity and
geometric arithmetic indices of
certain dendrimer nanostars
Husin, N.M.
Hasni, R. Arif,
Journal of Computational and
Theoretical Nanoscience
57 Ultra deep hydrotreatment of iraqi
vacuum gas oil using a modified
Ghani, S.A.
Sarag, M.A.A.
Jadaa, W.A.
Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery,
Utilization and Environmental
58 Volume change and hydraulic
conductivity of soil-bentonite
Taha, O.M.E.
Taha, M.R.
Jordan Journal of Civil
59 An overview on thermal and fluid
flow characteristics in a plain plate
finned and un-finned tube banks
heat exchanger
Tahseen, T.A.
Ishak, M.
Rahman, M.M.
Renewable and Sustainable
Energy Reviews
60 Bubble dynamics in 2D bubble
column: Comparison between highspeed
camera imaging analysis and
4-point optical probe
Ahmed, F.S.
Sensenich, B.A.
Gheni, S.A.
Znerdstrovic, D.
Al Dahhan, M.H.
Chemical Engineering
61 Recycling cardboard wastes to
produce blue oyster mushroom
Pleurotus ostreatus in Iraq
Owaid, M.N.
Abed, A.M.
Nassar, B.M.
Emirates Journal of Food and
62 Tracking collector consideration of
tilted collector solar updraft tower
power plant under Malaysia climate
Gitan, A.A.
S.H. Dihrab, S.S.
63 Determination of the diamagnetic
susceptibility χ and nuclear
magnetic Shielding σ constants
for some atomic and ionic system
Ahmad, K.H.
Alrobayi, E.M.
Aman Allah, S.M.
Research Journal of
Pharmaceutical, Biological and
Chemical Sciences
64 Study of Bone Marrow
Mesenchymal and Tendon-Derived
Stem Cells Transplantation on the
Regenerating Effect of Achilles
Tendon Ruptures in Rats
Al-Ani, M.K. Xu,
K. Sun, Y.
Xu, Z. Yang, L.
Stem Cells International
65 Web based application visualization
for comprehensive data structures
Najm, I.A.
Hammash, N.M.
Ismail, M. Fatah,
Journal of Theoretical and
Applied Information Technology
66 Effect of injection hole diameter on
operational conditions of commonrail
fuel-injection system for
portinjection hydrogen-fueled
Kamil, M.
Rahman, M.M.
International Journal of
Automotive and Mechanical
67 Surface affinity and interdiffusivity of
carbon dioxide inside hydrotalcitesilica
micropores: CO interdiffusion
inside HT-Si micropores
Wiheeb, A.D.
Ahmad, M.A.
Murat, M.N.
Kim, J. Othman,
Journal of Porous Media
68 Basic design methodology for a
prilling tower
Saleh, S.N.
Ahmed, S.M. Almosuli,
Barghi, S.
Canadian Journal of Chemical
69 Mechanical properties of nanocement
mortar: Compression and
Al-Rifaie, W.N.
Ahmed, W.K.
Mahdi, O.M.
IEOM 2015 - 5th International
Conference on Industrial
Engineering and Operations
Management, Proceeding
70 Hydrocarbon potential of
Ordovician-Silurian successions in
Akkas field, western desert of Iraq
Alkhafaji, M.W.
Aljubouri, Z.A.
Aldobouni, I.A.
Littke, R.
AAPG Bulletin
71 The content of free and esterified
triterpenoids of the native marigold
(Calendula officinalis) plant and its
modifications in in vitro cultures
Nizyński, B.
Alsoufi, A.S.M.
Pączkowski, C.
Długosz, M.
Szakiel, A.
Phytochemistry Letters
72 Sensory evaluation and storage
stability of UHT milk fortified with
iron, magnesium and zinc
A.H. Prakash, S.
Ali, M.Y. Deeth,
Dairy Science and Technology
73 Cooperative Spectrum Sensing
Improvement Based on Fuzzy Logic
Khader, A.A.-H.
Reja, A.H.
Hussein, A.A.
Beg, M.T.
Procedia Computer Science
74 Responses of chicken sertoli cells
and fibroblasts after transfection
with plasmids pEGFPN3-HNP-1
Khalid, A. Na, Y.
Jinyou, Z.
Xunwu, Z.
Guixue, Z.
Pakistan Veterinary Journal
75 Conversion of Saga Seeds into
Adsorbent and Liquid Fuel from
Pyrolysis and Solvent Extraction
Tan, H.T.
Helwani, Z.
Wiheeb, A.D.
Kim, J. Othman,
Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery,
Utilization and Environmental
76 Adaptive fuzzy sliding-mode control
into chattering-free im drive
Saghafinia, A.
Ping, H.W.
Uddin, M.N.
Gaeid, K.S.
IEEE Transactions on Industry


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