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Seq. Document title Author(s) Source
1 Application of confidence range
algorithm in recognizing user behavior
through EPSB in cloud computing
Shakir, M.
Abubakar, A.B.
Yousoff, Y. AlEmran, M.
Hammood, M.
Journal of Theoretical and
Applied Information
2 An embedded 6(5) pair of explicit
Runge-Kutta method for periodic IVPs
Fawzi, F.A. Senu,
N. Ismail, F. Majid,
Far East Journal of
Mathematical Sciences
3 Security and accountability for sharing
the data stored in the cloud
Mohammed, M.A.
Salih, Z.H. Tapus,
N. Hasan, R.A.K.
Networking in Education
and Research: RoEduNet
International Conference
15th Edition, RoEduNet
2016 - Proceedings
4 Cyprinus carpio fish oil: A novel
feedstock for biodiesel production
Al-Tikrity, E.T.B.
Fadhil, A.B.
Albadree, M.A.
Energy Sources, Part A:
Recovery, Utilization and
Environmental Effects
5 Optimal design and operation of an
industrial three phase reactor for the
oxidation of phenol
Mohammed, A.E.
Jarullah, A.T. Gheni,
S.A. Mujtaba, I.M.
Computers and Chemical
6 Impact of elevated carbon dioxide on
soil heat storage and heat flux under
unheated low-tunnels conditions
Al-Kayssi, A.W.
Mustafa, S.H.
Journal of Environmental
7 Experimental application of EPS
concrete in the new prototype design of
the concrete barrier
Mohammed, H.J.
Zain, M.F.M.
Construction and Building
8 Study of the hydrodynamics and mass
transfer coefficient in a 2D mimicked
FT slurry bubble columns for alternative
clean energy and chemical production
Abdulkareem, H.A.
Gheni, S.A. Yacoup,
International Journal of
Chemical Reactor
9 Matrix assisted low temperature growth
of graphene
Sulaiman, K. Ali,
A.Y. Elkington, D.
Dastoor, P.
Zhou, X.
10 Unified power quality conditioner
model based with series and shunt
filters , open access
Gaeid, K.S.
Hamood, M.T.
International Journal of
Power Electronics and
Drive Systems
11 Does fumigation of durum wheat and
semolina with sulfuryl fluoride affect
quality of the grain, semolina, and
derived spaghetti and bread?
Hwaidi, M.I.
Sissons, M.
Pleming, D. Collins,
Cereal Chemistry
12 Cytochrome P450s in breast cancer Hassan, F.
Mohammed, G.
Mahdi, S.
Mohammed, S.
Yousif, E.
Research Journal of
Pharmaceutical, Biological
and Chemical Sciences
13 Free growth of one-dimensional β-
Ga O nanostructures including
nanowires, nanobelts and nanosheets
using a thermal evaporation method
Abdullah, Q.N.
Yam, F.K.
Mohmood, K.H.
Al-Otaibi, A.L.
Abdulateef, S.A
Ceramics International
14 Effects of Dietary Selenium
Supplementation on Seminiferous
Tubules and SelW, GPx4, LHCGR, and
ACE Expression in Chicken Testis
Khalid, A. Khudhair,
N. He, H.
Yaguang, T. Guixue,
Biological Trace Element
15 Synthesis and molecular structures of
palladium(II) metalated 2-
phenylpyridine complexes
[PdCl(pyC H )L] containing amino- or
acetylamino-pyridine co-ligands
Al-Jibori, S.A.
Gergees, H.M. AlRubaye, M.S.
Luquin, M.A.
Hogarth, G
Inorganica Chimica Acta
16 New decimation-in-time fast hartley
transform algorithm , open access
Hamood, M.T International Journal of
Electrical and Computer
17 Bond between textile-reinforced mortar
(TRM) and concrete substrates:
Experimental investigation , open access
Raoof, S.M. Koutas,
L.N. Bournas, D.A
Composites Part B:
18 On topological indices of certain
families of nanostar dendrimers , open access
Husin, M.N. Hasni,
R. Arif, N.E. Imran,
19 Enzymatic digestion of stomachless fish
Zenarchopterus buffonis
Abidin, D.A.Z.
Hashim, M. Das,
S.K. Rahim, S.M.
Mazlan, A.G.
AACL Bioflux
20 Explicit Runge-Kutta method with
trigonometrically-fitted for solving first
order ODEs
Fawzi, F.A. Senu,
N. Ismail, F. Majid,
AIP Conference
21 Some properties of Gamma Burr type X
distribution with application
Khaleel, M.A.
Ibrahim, N.A.
Shitan, M. Merovci,
AIP Conference
22 Numerical investigation of in-cylinder
flow characteristics of hydrogen-fuelled
internal combustion engine, open access
Hamada, K.I.
Rahman, M.M.
Ramasamy, D.
Noor, M.M.
Kadirgama, K.
Journal of Mechanical
Engineering and Sciences
23 Paradiplozoon iraqensis n. sp.
(Monogenea: Diplozoinae) from
Cyprinion macrostomum (Cyprinidae)
in the Tigris River, Iraq
Al-Nasiri, F.S.
Balbuena, J.A.
Acta Parasitologica
24 Statistical analysis and optimum
performance of the gas turbine power
plant , open access
Ibrahim, T.K.
Rahman, M.M.
Mohammed, M.K.
Basrawi, F
International Journal of
Automotive and
Mechanical Engineering
25 Temporal and spatial variation of
differential code biases: A case study of
regional network in Egypt , open access
Abid, M.A. Mousa,
A. Rabah, M. El
Mewafi, M. Awad,
Alexandria Engineering
26 Applying AWGN MP3 Steganography
Attack in BiLSB and SLSB Techniques
Salih, M.M. Atoum,
Proceedings - 2015 4th
International Conference
on Advanced Computer
Science Applications and
Technologies, ACSAT 2015
27 Previously overlooked bias signatures
for RC4
Hammood, M.M.
Yoshigoe, K.
4th International
Symposium on Digital
Forensics and Security,
ISDFS 2016 - Proceeding
28 Reduction of fine particle emission
from a prilling tower using CFD
Saleh, S.N. Barghi,
Chemical Engineering
Research and Design
29 Pressure Swing Adsorption
Technologies for Carbon Dioxide
Wiheeb, A.D.
Helwani, Z. Kim, J.
Othman, M.R
Separation and Purification
30 Kinetic study on chalcones and schiff
base proton transfer reactions
, open access
Rahman, L.A.
Farhan, A.M. AlTaee, A.A.-R.
Kadhum, A.A.H.
Mohamad, A.B
Asian Journal of Chemistry
31 Solar energy status in Iraq: Abundant or
not - Steps forward
Al-Douri, Y. Abed,
Journal of Renewable and
Sustainable Energy
32 Role of magnetic resonance
spectroscopy (MRS) in nonlesional
temporal lobe ep ilepsy , open access
Aun, A.A.K.
Mostafa, A.A. Aboul
Fotouh, A.M.
Alkhouly, H.S.
Sultan, O.M.
Egyptian Journal of
Radiology and Nuclear
33 Molecular design and control of
fullerene-based bi-thermoelectric
Rincón-García, L.
Ismael, A.K.
Evangeli, C.
Agraït, N. Lambert,
Nature Materials
34 Estimation of frequency and pretest
probability of CAD in patients
presenting with recent onset chest pain
by multi-detector CT angiography , open access
Sultan, O.M.
Hamed Al-Obaidi,
L.S. Abdulla, D.B.
Fotouh, A.A.
Tawfeek, A.S.
Egyptian Journal of
Radiology and Nuclear
35 A simple, experiment-based model of
the initial self-discharge of lithiumsulphur batteries
Al-Mahmoud, S.M.
Dibden, J.W. Owen,
J.R. Denuault, G.
Garcia-Araez, N
Journal of Power Sources
36 A survey of energy efficiency
optimization in heterogeneous cellular
networks , open access
Abdulkafi, A.A.
Sileh, I.K. Chieng,
D. Kiong, T.S.
Ghaleb, A.
KSII Transactions on
Internet and Information
37 In-situ mineralization of carbon dioxide
in a coal-fired power plant
Helwani, Z.
Wiheeb, A.D. Kim,
J. Othman, M.R.
Energy Sources, Part A:
Recovery, Utilization and
Environmental Effects
38 Mixing layer effects on the entrainment
ratio in steam ejectors through ideal
gas computational simulations
Ariafar, K.
Buttsworth, D. AlDoori, G. Sharifi, N
39 Modeling gypsifereous soil infiltration
rate under different sprinkler
application rates and successive
irrigation events
Al-Kayssi, A.W.
Mustafa, S.H.
Agricultural Water
40 Remote-controlled microcontrollerbased temperature system: An
economical design
Mohammed, T.S.
Sultan, M.I
Proceedings of the
International Conference
on Industrial Engineering
and Operations
41 Some physical properties of essential oil
of Baraka seed Nigella sativa L.
impacted by bat guano otonycteris
hemprichii camd and seaweed extract
A.N. Al-Mehemdi,
A.F. Al-Mehemdi,
Iraqi Journal of Agricultural
42 Study of the functional and nutritional
properties of defatted okra powder and
Okra Protein Isolate and Concentrate
Kareem, A.A.
Shakir, K.A
Iraqi Journal of Agricultural
43 Analyzing the impact of price policy on
wheat production in Iraq by using
Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM)
Mohammed, N.J.
Mudhi, A.A
Iraqi Journal of Agricultural
44 Effect of magnitized water on common
carp Cyprinus carpio rearing in
different salinity concentrations
Alrudainy, A.J.
Jumaa, Q.S
Iraqi Journal of Agricultural
45 The metrical parameters of word stress
production and perception among Iraqi
english as a foreign language (EFL)
learners , open access
Ali, Z.A. Ghani, A.A Kemanusiaan
46 Gamification elements for learning
applications , open access
Khaleel, F.L.
Ashaari, N.S. Wook,
T.S.M.T. Ismail, A
International Journal on
Advanced Science,
Engineering and
Information Technology
47 Effects of cycle peak temperature ratio
on the performance of combined cycle
power plant , open access
Ibrahim, T.K.
Rahman, M.M
International Journal of
Automotive and
Mechanical Engineering
48 The Effects of Different Extraction
Methods on Antioxidant Properties,
Chemical Composition, and Thermal
Behavior of Black Seed (Nigella sativa
L.) Oil , open access
Mohammed, N.K.
Abd Manap, M.Y.
Tan, C.P.
Alhelli, A.M.
Hussin, A.S.M.
Complementary and
Alternative Medicine
49 Geosynthetics layout optimization for
reinforced soil slopes subject to cracks
Abd, A.H. Utili, S. Landslides and Engineered
Slopes. Experience, Theory
and Practice
50 Evaluating the impact of SNOIs on
SINR and beampattern of MVDR
adaptive beamforming algorithm , open access
Shahab, S.N.
Zainun, A.R.
Mohamed, I.I.
Alabdraba, W.M.S.
Noordin, N.H.
Indian Journal of Science
and Technology
51 A new embedded phase-fitted modified
Runge-Kutta method for the numerical
solution of oscillatory problems
Fawzi, F.A. Senu,
N. Ismail, F. Majid,
Applied Mathematical
52 On the stability of fissured slopes
subject to seismic action
utili.S.Abd.A.H International Journal for
Numerical and Analytical
Methods in Geomechanics
53 Direct Torque Control of Induction
Motor with Matrix Converter
Gaeid, K.S.
Murshid, A.M.
Salih, Z.H
Journal of Engineering
Science and Technology
54 New phase-fitted and amplificationfitted modified Runge-Kutta method
for solving oscillatory problems
Fawzi, F.A. Senu,
N. Ismail, F. Majid,
Global Journal of Pure and
Applied Mathematics
55 New efficient phase-fitted and
amplification-fitted Runge-Kutta
method for oscillatory problems . open access
Adel, F. Senu, N.
Ismail, F. Abd
Majid, Z
International Journal of
Pure and Applied
56 More on generalized b-closed sets in
double fuzzy topological spaces
Mohammed, F.M.
Ghareeb, A.
Songklanakarin Journal of
Science and Technology
57 Soil-water characteristic curves and
hydraulic conductivity of nanomaterialsoil-bentonite mixtures
Taha, O.M.E. Taha,
Arabian Journal of
58 DNA minor groove binders-inspired by
nature , open access
Khalaf, A.I. AlKadhimi, A.A.H. Ali,
Acta Chimica Slovenica
59 Improvement of methane
decomposition over a ni base catalyst:
Preparation, comparison and
performance study
Musa, H.R. Gheni,
S.A. Al-Saraj, M.A.A
Petroleum and Coal
60 Investigation of the total absorption
acoustic coefficients in zobear city
Ahmad, K.H.
Alrobayi, E.M.
Allah, S.M.A.
International Journal of
Chemical Sciences
61 Hydrogen gas sensor based on
nanocrystalline SnO Thin Film grown
on bare Si substrates , open access
Kadhim, I.H. Abu
Hassan, H.
Abdullah, Q.N
Nano-Micro Letters
62 Naphtha catalytic upgrading for
production of environmentally- friendly
Gheni, S.A. Jarullah,
A.T. Albdiri, A.D.Z.
Abdul Razak, G.H
Petroleum and Coal
63 Characterizing chaotic dynamics from
integrate-and-fire interspike intervals at
the presence of noise
Mohammad, Y.K.
Pavlova, O.N.
Pavlov, A.N
Progress in Biomedical
Optics and Imaging -
Proceedings of SPIE
64 Poly-γ-glutamic acid: Biodegradable
polymer for potential protection of
beneficial viruses , open access
Khalil, I.R. Irorere,
V.U. Radecka, I.
Mason, J.L.
Khechara, M.P.
65 Mechanical properties of sand modified
resins used for bonding CFRP to
concrete substrates . open access
Abdulla, A.I. Razak,
H.A. Salih, Y.A. Ali,
International Journal of
Sustainable Built
66 Several notions of generalized semicompactness in double fuzzy
topological spaces , open access
Mohammed, F.M.
Noorani, M.S.M.
Ghareeb, A.
International Journal of
Pure and Applied
67 Study of genetic variations of FTO gene
and its relationship to obese in Iraqi
Jumaa, M.N.
Yaseen, N.Y. Karim,
R.M. Shehab, A.F.
Sagban, L.H.
Der Pharma Chemica


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